The Hottest Burger in South Africa

(Probably the Hottest Burger in The World)



WARNING: This is the HOTTEST Burger in South Africa!


Topped with CAROLINA REAPER CHILLI SAUCE, officially the HOTTEST CHILLI IN THE WORLD, measuring a whopping 2.2 Million on the Scoville Scale!


There's some other stuff on the burger but it doesn't matter because you won't taste it. Served with your choice of a Castle Lite or a glass of milk for R99.50


Will you beat the challenge or go down in flames?


Serious Terms & Conditions apply!


  1. You get to pick whether you would like a Castle Lite or a glass of Cold Milk after you finish the challenge. Choose wisely.

  2. If you think you will need a second beverage (Which you probably will), please order it in advance. Waiters seem to move extra slow when your entire face is on fire.

  3. You need to finish the Kamikaze Burger in 10 minutes to beat the challenge and win your limited edition Burger Bistro Chilli Grinder. A countdown timer will be provided. 

  4. If at any point during the 10-minute challenge you consume any beverage (your own or somebody else’s), you will be disqualified. We have cameras

  5. We require you to read through and sign an indemnity form before attempting this challenge.

  6. You have the option of wearing gloves and protective eyewear (not compulsory but highly recommended)


Up to the challenge?

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